My Art Verlag "Der Bunte Westen" has an own homepage:  

My Film sequences which are seen in this homepage in "Gallery"-"objects,performance,film" are also presented on my Youtube-Channel RainerSchmidtArt :

and partnerfilms and sequenzes from the art film WONDELL on my Youtube-Channel WONDELL : 

and also for my Edition "Der Bunte Westen" on Youtube 

My film course "CineArt" has its own Youtube-Channel: 


I also represented bei under "Art Errorist" and also under "Rainer Maria Schmidt".


Apart from my own internet-homepage, I am also represented at Bildkunst, Artists and Künstlersites.

Some of my paintings are available online as high-quality colour prints on canvas or paper; please, refer to

Since July 2006, I have been a member of the Bundesverband bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler, Bezirksverband Düsseldorf e.V. ("German Assoziation of Fine Arts").

I am also listed in the Kunstadressbuch ("Art Address Book") and in "Kürschners Handbuch der bildenden Künstler ("Kürschner's Manual of Fine Arts").

Kunstpunkte: Every year, either in August or September, the municipal culture office of Düsseldorf arranges the Kunstpunkte during which local artists invite the public in to their studios.

Düsseldorfer Künstlerszene: (Art Scene of Düsseldorf:) The municipal culture office of Düsseldorf runs an Artist´s Handbook on the Internet with the addresses of and information about many local artists.

Düsseldorfer Kurs: On this page, you can also find displayed pictures by members of the oil painting course of the adult education centre (VHS) Düsseldorf.

Neusser Kurs: On this page, you can also find displayed pictures by members of the oil painting course of the adult education centre (VHS) Neuss.

I am acting as assistant professor at the following institudes:
VHS der Stadt Düsseldorf
Leukämie Liga e.V.
VHS der Stadt Neuss
VHS der Städte Haan und Hilden
and between 2001 and 2005 in International School of Art Düsseldorf (representative teaching activity) 

Homepages of the schools which I helped in designing their schoolyard:

Since several years I work successlul together with the creative team of A&A-Digitalprint .

At the art project "90 years VHS Düsseldorf" I was supported by Boesner Düsseldorf :  

By the art projekt "Angie Spin" I work together with the musician Thermalbear: and

    and with Norbert Empel

    and with Jeanne and Peter Schillings from

    and with Hans-Peter Schwemin von

In the "Film of the ARTerrorIST" I took some takes in the studio of Jacques Tilly:  
I took part at the two projects "pictures in the sky" by .

The art project "fire of eastern" took place in the church Markuskirche .

As curator I worked together with these Person:

   with the stage gallery 

   the illustrator Anna Baath

   the illustrator Roswithe Stoffers 

This Homepage is created by Web-Programmiererin Doris Krüger .

And here a Link to Original Oil Paintings - handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor of  


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