Painting of the schoolyard of both Regenbogen School and St.Peter Primary School Düsseldorf

three classes of twelve pupils each working on various different designs in small groups.


on the large,mostly functional and varried schoolyard we took suitable and prominent spots to paint cartoon-like animal figures of about two metres in size on the wall;constant add-ons was part of the plan,for example a band of waves made up to the colours of the rainbow which might enframe the whole schoolyard and on which all our figures could than "stand".
The cartoon figures are hybrids made up of two animals with likeable names so to incite the imagination of the pupils and to give those figures an individual i.e. unique character as well as rendering a potential identification for the children.The figures display contrary attributes and short-comings which children might experience (such as obesity,immobility,inertia,over-ambition,shyness etc.).With courage,determination,their own initiative and through movements and by clever means,the figures overcome these shortcomings).


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