Year of Youth Culture Hilden 2005

Jugendkulturjahr Hilden 2005

Adult Education Centre´s contribution to the year of youth culture 2005:
"Please take a seat - you´re right to choose Hilden!"


On 23rd August 2005,all 11 objects of this project were prsented at the old marked in Hilden.

After that,they were placed at different locations permanently,for example,in the adult education centre on 49,Dieker Street and on 64,Bach Street,Haan.

You may obtain a small publication depicting all the objects together with an accompanying text at the adult education centre and/or from me.

Starting point:     

In 2002,the city council of Hilden decided to initiate a year of youth culture.This was organised and arranged in co-operation with both the youth welfare office and the municipal culture office.Invitations went out to all young people,schools,clubs,independant associations and independant organisers of culture events - in short: to each and everyone who deals with cultural happenings.

Description of the project:

Under the heading "Please take a seat - you´re right to choose Hilden!",Tina Borrenkott and Rainer Schmidt were in charge of the artistic instruction of alienating chairs,armchairs and other seatingaccomodations so to creatively transform them.As part of this project,oversized chairs and benches etc. were manufactured from various different materials such as wood,cement,wire fittings,metal etc.
The works of the adolescents were determined by the guiding theme participation in the economie,cultural and social life of the town.Who has his place in this town and what does that place look like?Which place do you expect to have yourself and where would you like to settle?In addition to this theme to be reflected upon,the well-being of oneself and others was realised in particular,then used and applied,accepted and defined.Though this (reflection and subsequent reaction),the adolescents gained the potentiality of representing themselves adequately.

This artistic  work was carried out within the framework of the planned and designed lessons and by study groups and project days.The latter helped in opening this happening to other young people coming from different fields of interest.

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