"Artbahn"-Competition of Rheinbahn AG 2005


Theme: "Straßenbahn - Straßenbild";
during this competition,the mobility of a modern large city is to be mirrored and reflected on symbolically (an object of 28 m in length;mobile and at the same time "eventful",the town scenery is depicted as a constant changing);

in 2005 special emphasis was placed on photographic and multimedia-based depiction.


Although I work within the media of drawing and painting and thus do not really answer the requirements with main focus on photography and multimedia-based depictions,I felt nonetheless tempted to participate in this competition - a public and dynamic project of this scale: to design a "Rheinbahn"(Rhine-train).Should my design meet with a certain amount of resonance then I would probably hand in a more worked out i.e. modified version at a possibly future artbahn-competition with focus on Graphics/Painting/Design.

Conceptual design: 

1. Starting points of my design:

a.) the name "Rheinbahn" (composed of two different ideas/terms: Rhein/Rhine and Bahn/train) i.e. Düsseldorf,a town situated by the river Rhine,plus 
b.) the basic design of the Rheinbahn-train from and with various different views: the drivers side and entrance and exit side for the passengers.

2. a.) The divers side (without doors) shows,with stylised,wavelike and vital lines the dynamics and movements of Germany´s largest river (Rhine).Possible artistic additions would be,for example,to place under each of the 13 windows some important (sports) institution in Düsseldorf (for example DEG Metro Stars,Fortuna,Rhine Fire,HSG,Magics,Borrussia,Rochus Club,Turu,Tennis Club Benrath).Underneath the window,in the middle,would be the town´s coat of arms.
b.) Both entrnce and exit show the dynamic,eventful town of Düsseldorf by way of a cubistically fragmented colour scheme as well as one suitable prominent building of Düsseldorf´s water front at each of the four doors:
- the Rhine tower on the right (standing for the presence of modern media in Düsseldorf resp. in general,standing for the transmission this town emantes in to the world),
- next to it,on the left,the Castle tower (standing for Düsseldorf´s long-standing tradition as being the political centre resp. seat of government),
- to its left the tower of Lambertus Church (standing for Düsseldorf´s christian and cultural tradition) and
- the Victoria tower on the left (standing for Düsseldorf as being the seat of many large companies resp. in general as a significant business location).
c.) Front and back of my artbahn display,under the large front windsreen,in the centre the signet of the Rheinbahn from which (theoretically) all lines and also gather back there.Thus,the art- i.e. Rheinbahn appears as a trigger and a meating place/collection point of Düsseldorf´s motion and vitality.

3. I have suggested two possible colour schemes:
a.) design of the drivers side: 6 cold colours (yellow-green,light-green,turquoise,lightblue,dark blue);entrance/exit: 6 warmcolours (yellow,yellow-orange,orange,red,pink,dark red);buildings depicted on the sliding doors: 4 cold colours (yellow-green,light green,light blue,dark blue);
b.) design of the drivers side: 4 cold colours (yellow-green,light green,light blue,dark blue);entrance/exit: 4 warm colours (yellow,yellow-orange,red,dark red);buildings depicted on the sliding doors: 4 cold colours (yellow-green,light green,light blue,dark blue).

Further different colour designs possible.Should this project be realised then each individual area on the artbahn could be differentiated in itself by way of,for example,colour transitions from light red to red,yellow to yellow-green etc..

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