Radschläger-Project 2001

Radschläger-Projekt 2001

After choosing from several layout designs,the art project on Midsummernight started with the public painting of some of the cartwheeler figures in the town centre of Düsseldorf;those figures were made of a plastic casting over metal scaffoldings and were about 2 x 2 metres,taken from the original by Professor Becker.

Following this,over 80 artists designed one cartwheeler each which were,as from August 2001,put up around the town for the duration of three months after which they were sold at an auction at the end of October (10 % of the proceeds went to municipal institutions for children in need).

"My" cartwheeler has been designed using the six primary and secondary colours as well as flesh colour: the colourful dress,in which cold and warm colours are constandly interwoven and,with one colour in the arm and leg,its complementary colours in the other arm and leg,is to make the viewer think of a harlequin.My main objective,apart from the childlike happy-go-lucky character of those colours,was to loosen up and to vivify the pictogram-like,rigid shape of the cartwheeler by breaking down the figure in to its individual pieces,similar to a jig-saw puzzle.

It was put up in front of Kaufhof (department store) on the corner of Berliner Allee and Graf-Adolf Street and is now in private hands.