Art Points of Düsseldorf

AtelierRainer Schmidt Kunstpunkte Düsseldorf

Since 1996,the "Kunstpunkte"(Art Points) have been organized by the municipal culture office of Düsseldorf.During this "Open Studios" happening on two weekends in either August or September of each year,over 500 artists from Düsseldorf invite the public to come to their private studio.The idea behind this is to make the local artist scene more transparent and to boost the immediate contact,and exchange of,people interested in the arts with the artists and,also,so to offer these artists an alternative opportunity to make themselves known.

Since 1999,I have been involved in this event;in 2006,via gallery "Bilderwelten".

In 2012,I open my studio. On display is the picture "Mutti zur Nacht" and "Sophie - l´image d´art".

This event is followed up by the reports in the local press,especially the "Rheinische Post".A major survey i.e. guidance is offered by the municipal culture office who offer leaflets as well as an internet site under Kunstpunkte